enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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This is literally my favourite part of anything ever.

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"That friend of yours. What was her name?"

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I read it first and was like “the fuck is she talkin about” and then re-read it and my jaw dropped

oh god i immediately knew it was toy story, i love her.

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Q: Do you help the boners? Or do you—?
A: Full service. 

This man knows his audience

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It’s the year five billion and twenty three. We’re in the galaxy M87, and this?
This is N e w  E a r t h.

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Get to Know Clara - #2 She’s in her mid 20s and she’s never traveled anywhere, but she keeps the book of 101 places to see that she used to read with her mother because she’s still planning to go even though she put her life long plans on hold to take care of children who needed her.

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The thing is, Craig, it’s tomorrow. Can’t put it off anymore. Tomorrow is the day I d—.

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